Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Proud to be named Vice-Chair of CAAMP


I remember the first CIMBL (precursor to CAAMP) conference I attended 16 years ago. As a newly-minted mortgage executive I recall an excitement, enthusiasm and a sense that we were all learning and growing together. I knew at that moment that this was a very special industry and it was an association I would admire for many years to come.  CAAMP was a place where new and seasoned mortgage professionals would come together, share best practices and chart a course for the future.

Looking back on this past year it is remarkable to me the ground we have covered as an Association and what lies ahead.  I feel privileged to have been part of the discussion, and debate, over many issues that impact our industry and the members we represent.

Having sat behind ‘closed doors’ I can tell you that I feel your Board worked tirelessly on your behalf over  the past year.  The passion, commitment and understanding they have for our industry will continue to propel the Association forward, representing our member’s interests in a very meaningful way.  I feel privileged to be recognized as the Vice Chair of CAAMP for the upcoming year.

I advocate for CAAMP because:

  1.  Our association is inclusive of brokers, lenders and suppliers alike.  That mix actually makes our voice stronger when we are lobbying in Ottawa.
  2. Our different (broker, insurer, lender, etc) yet interdependent businesses helps unify our day-to-day business interests.
  3. Members are aligned in seeking a very strong and growing broker channel in Canada. 
  4. Quite honestly, because it is in my DNA, I have a deep passion for this industry and the people it serves just as the staff and volunteers at our association have. 

CAAMP is not perfect – but we are engaged.  We will continue the positive work done in recent years and be even more approachable to our members, still more relevant to our stakeholders and better coordinated with our regions.

I am extremely proud to count myself among such a committed and passionate group of fellow CAAMP Board members. I am confident that our Board will represent the voices of ours members.

If you have any feedback or seek to get more involved please reach out to me or any of your directors directly at any time:



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