Monday, October 20, 2014

It’s been all about elections

We seem to be living in an election merry-go-round. In Ontario we recently had our provincial election. Torontonians are living through a municipal election. Canadians are prepping for a federal election in 2015. The US seems to be in an election cycle every two years. And within our industry we just completed the CAAMP election.

I am ‘electioned’ out! I can tell you from the prospective of both a voter and a candidate that our elections are long – too long.

The CAAMP election started with some consideration and a formal nomination by the end of August. Then there was preliminary campaigning and discussions throughout the first two weeks of September and then there is the actual election - which is essentially a two-week window.

Campaigning is exhausting. It is in and of itself almost a full time job. There were two things that really impressed me during the CAAMP campaign.

  1. The level of engagement of voters was fantastic. I believe this will be recorded as one of the highest levels of voter turnout in recent years. Members were talking, debating, concerned, enthusiastic… you name it.
  1. The level of support I received from countless people throughout the industry. This election (at least in Ontario) seemed to cross-organizational boundaries. It really seemed to be one that put the industry first.  For our industry to be strong we must have a collective voice with our lender and supplier partners. To me that voice was reaffirmed in this election.

Though I initially wrote this post before the CAAMP election results were known, I can tell you that as a successful candidate I am eager to work with the Board and the Association to represent our incredible industry.  When we put our collective passion, commitment and talents into our industry we will all succeed immeasurably.

I wish everyone a terrific FALL season and hope to see many of you in Montreal in just a few short weeks.



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