Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Consider a mortgage broker first

By Mark Kerzner, President TMG The Mortgage Group Inc.

So what comes first - the chicken or the egg? In the real estate industry that question gets turned into the following -- if I am going to buy a house do I speak with my mortgage broker or Realtor first?

First of all, kudos if you knew that it’s vital to speak with both a mortgage broker and a Realtor when you’re thinking about buying a home. Some will choose the simpler and often more ineffective path of trying to sell a house privately. Some will blindly walk into a bank branch to apply for a mortgage from a financial generalist.

TMG The Mortgage Group strongly encourages our clients to use a licensed Realtor for buying and selling real estate. They are experienced professionals who know your local market and can guide you through the processes of purchase agreements, deposits and conditions. TMG brokers work with many Realtors and will often refer clients to those who have proven to be exceptional and professional service providers.

As well, mortgage brokers often receive referrals from qualified and valued real estate agents and we are grateful for those relationships that we have developed. Those Realtors know that mortgage brokers are professionals, just like they are, and who are experts in their fields. Furthermore, they know that successfully removing financing conditions on agreements of purchase and sale are vital to completing the real estate transaction.

Consider your own experience with the professionals in your life and those you turn to for advice. In my own experience, I think the following:

  • I trust my accountant implicitly. He understands my financial health and goals. From time to time I ask him if he knows a good life insurance broker, financial advisor, etc.
  • I trust my circle of friends. Many of us went to school together, hang out, do business together, have fun, etc.. Some are lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs, Realtors, teachers, and I refer people to my circle of friends whenever I can.
  • I trust my referral sources and lender partners. They understand that our purpose is to provide access to choice and unbiased advice, leading to the most appropriate mortgage financing solutions for your unique situation.

What is still a little unclear to me though is why more home purchasers and sellers do not go to their mortgage broker before doing anything else. Just as Realtors are uniquely equipped to refer clients to mortgage brokers, so too are mortgage brokers with respect to Realtors.

 On HGTV’s Property Virgins, the host begins by confirming that the house hunters on the show have been pre-qualified for a mortgage so they can determine the price range of the houses worth looking at.  At that point they can start their housing search.

Even if you’re selling, consider speaking with your mortgage broker first. Here’s why it makes sense. If you’re selling you may be buying as well. If you’re “moving up” to a larger, more expensive home, then you will need to know what you qualify for. If you have a mortgage and wish to pay it off you will want to understand penalty and breakage costs. Alternatively, you may wish to port (transfer your mortgage) with an increase or decrease to the mortgage balance. A mortgage broker can assist in all of these scenarios. 

Know where you stand. Know what you can afford.  Start your next real estate transaction with a conversation with a mortgage broker first.


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